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How Much Profit is a Sufficient Amount? Read This.

Optimization is one of the most typical issues newbies have when using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, like Google Adwords. 

Simply picking some good keywords and paying a high Cost Per Click ( CPC ) rate isn’t going to keep you in business long. There’s really some simple mathematics behind it that can significantly help you find your way to profitable PPC campaigns. 

Before you start a PPC advert campaign to sell your products, you need to know the following 2 things:

1.How much profit you make from each sale

2.How many unique visitors you get to to your website (on average) before a sale is made( Note: you should be ready to get statistical data from your web host that list the amount of unique visitors to your website on a given day.

Let’s say you sell a dog coaching course for $47.00 and you figure out your profit to be $40.00 per sale. You find that your website gets a hundred unique visitors before you generate one sale.

So, taking the data above…. For each unique visitor, you can pay $40.00 / 100 = 0.40 cents to break even point, make no cash and lose no money. However, since your goal is to earn money, you obviously need to pay less for each unique visitor.

Now when you research the keywords and keyphrases to be employed in your PPC campaign, you now know that you cannot spend more than .40 cents on any click to stay out of the negative. A good plan might be to find the keywords and keyprases that will get you a decent Adrank which is the position of your ad with a price of .25 cents or less.

Let’s say you target to pay .25 cents ( approximately ) for each click to your site. That should leave you with .15 cents profit for each buyer. Granted, not all consumers make a purchase, but ultimately if your conversion rates stay the same you must average .15 cents profit on each click.

If you make .15 cents on each unique visitor, and you drive one thousand unique visitors to your site every day through your PPC advertisements, then you will make (on average) 1000 x .15 = $150.00 per day.

There’s the simple math behind PPC advertising…

If you’re serious about making money with Google Adwords, then you really need to take Chad Trents Profits Blueprint Course. Working From Home Is Hard, If You Have The Wrong Information.




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Use Funded Proposals Properly: Market Your MLM Business

If you have an MLM business, no doubt you’ve heard of funded proposals. These are systems to generate cash that you can use for your marketing budget to generate more recruits for your main business.
Here’s how it works. You sell a product, a training series, DVD or e-books by sending out sales pitches to prospect, usually via an autoresponder. Typically, the materials you sell would be attractive to someone already in the MLM business or thinking about getting into it. The idea is that anyone willing to shell out their hard earned cash to learn about an MLM business would be your perfect recruit.
Your job is to use those sales as a way to recruit more people into your business. Most funded proposals give entrepreneurs a sales pitch that can help you recruit more people for your downline—and anyone in the MLM business knows that having a good, solid downline is the key to a successful MLM business.
Funded proposals are marketed to MLM owners as a way they can generate cash, even from people who do not ultimately sign up for their business. The MLM owner is urged to dedicate that money to advertising and marketing efforts that they might not be able to afford if they weren’t getting that money from the funded proposal.
These programs do work and do generate money. But the key to making them work as they were intended to work is not to get overly excited about the small amounts generated by the funded proposal sales and keep your eye on the prize—your main businesses.
The idea of these funded proposals is not to sell DVDs about MLMs, but to grow your downline by signing up recruits. That’s where the real money is. The problem, however, is that the typical MLM business doesn’t necessarily grow as fast as the owner wants it to. There isn’t that instant gratification of selling that training DVD, which is where some MLM owners are dropping the ball. Some MLM owners concentrate so much on selling the products from their funded proposal, they let their main business dwindle to nothing. It’s sort of like that old saying: “throwing the baby out with the bath water.”
If used as intended, funded proposals can not only generate extra money, but they can also be used to grow you business. For example, not every MLM owner has the money to market their business. Marketing your business properly can be expensive and the returns may not be immediately visible. However, anyone who is serious about their MLM business must spend money on it. Talk to any brick and mortar business owner and they will likely have a portion of their budget set aside for advertising and marketing. Why should an MLM business owner treat their venture any differently?
Funded proposal can give the MLM the ability to step into the next level of business—but you have to be smart, spend wisely, and keep your eye on the main prize.

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Offline vs Online Marketing in MLM Business

When you start an MLM Business, it is a time of great excitement. Thoughts of increased income flood your mind. When you come back down to earth you are faced with the difficulty of marketing your business in a very competitive marketplace.

Bringing your MLM Business to the attraction of potential prospects can be a daunting task. Using the Internet you must concern yourself with SEO Optimization, lead capture pages and autoresponders with prewritten sales messages

Most Mlm distributors today use only the Internet to bring prospects into their recruiting process. They tend to overlook Offline Advertising methods to their own detriment. The MLM Distributor of today loses many opportunities to expand and grow their business.

Marketing an MLM Business Online can be too easy sometimes.We live in a society of instant gratification. You can place an ad online and have it published immediately.

No one wants to wait for “snail mail” to work. It also seems to be much more expensive than email.. These are amongst the items you must consider in deciding between Offline or Online Marketing.

Email deliverability is at an all time low. I have requested info online and most times I only get 50% of my requests in my email box. Major email service providers have overdone their campaigns against spam and hurt the Mlmers use of “permission marketing”. It is ridiculous to spend money to aquire a prospect only to lose them because they don’t get your messages

Duplicating yourself and your marketing strategies is the key to a successful MLM Business. It is much easier to duplicate  a postcard campaign than an email campaign. A higher percentage of your postcards will be delivered and read than email messages. You can integrate a postcard campaign with a lead capture page and followup with both email and snail mail

The most successful MLM business owners will be those who use both Online and Offline Marketing. Use all marketing mediums at your disposal to overcome your competition.

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Attending a Network Marketing Convention can make the difference

AmeriPlan Opportunity

Back in March of 2001 I attended my first Network Marketing Convention with AmeriPlan in Chicago. I was a Regional Sales Director with AmeriPlan® and still worked full time as a Rural Letter Carrier at the Post Office. With four kids and a pile of bills, I felt as if the was no way I could attend Convention that year.

AmeriPlan Corporate payed for the convention for RSDs and above who could pay it back monthly. Anytime someone fronts the money on an important event like that, there no good reason why not to go. So off I went. I decided I would go to Chicago even if I had to catch the Greyhound.

My AmeriPlan Sponsor was at the Convention as well as other National Sales Directors. When I heard from the Founders of the Company and the Leaders on stage I started to get the vision. The picture of where AmeriPlan® was heading and the incredible potential anyone had who just grabbed the vision.

At that Convention the E-Commerce Replicated Websites were introduced for IBOs. Everything was now in place. Any IBO could now do the business their both locally and nationally on the Internet.

Dental Discount Program

I knew that if I got enough people looking, the AmeriPlan® Programs would sell themselves. Real soon my name began appearing on the Top Enrollers list. Then in 2002 Dennis and Daniel came  up with the Top Producer’s Trip to the Bahamas Challenge. After winning the Bahama Trip, I resigned from the Postal Service then flew to Miami to join 25 other winning couples.

Being at the Convention in 2001 was the key factor of increasing my business with AmeriPlan®, enabling me to quit the Postal Service after 15 years, become a member of  the $75,000 President’s Club  and winning six out of six of the Top Producer Trips since 2003.

My advice for IBOs is to take advantage of the AmeriPlan Double Eagle Contest. Do your 10 pieces of business and earn a free convention ticket. Make sure you and your team members get to the Convention in July. It could be the exact edge you need to excel to the Top.

Get more info about the business here>> AmeriPlan Business Opportunity

Get more info about the benefits here>> Dental Discount Plan

Bill Simms
National Sales Director
Everett WA

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Network Marketing Home Business

The network marketing home business is exploding on the Internet more than ever before. There are some very good reasons for this explosion, too.

Earlier network distributors were those people who were recruited by their friends, colleagues or family folks. They were provided a distributor start up kit by their sponsor and became an independent multi level dealer. The only advice that the sponsor gave was to get as many people in the downline as quickly possible.

The main incentive with multi-level marketing/network marketing home business is the residual income to be made from getting commissions from everything that your distributors under you sells. MLM was big business before the Internet came along and it’s one of the biggest industries today because of it.

The reasons for MLM’s growth are the new age marketing strategies. Earlier the market strategies involved talking to everyone about the opportunities offered by your company. However, this meant that some people listened and some people did not since not everyone is interested in being a network marketer.

After alienating almost your entire family about your network marketing home business, you would then call people you had never even met before from lead sheets. Cold calling strangers throughout the day to get new distributors under you either made you tough or you would eventually fold your hand and give it all up. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to share your vision or enthusiasm with network marketing.

When MLM became an online business, a lot of things changed. The phrase “network marketing home business” took on an entirely different meaning. Today, there are thousands of MLM companies that use the Internet. These companies usually have hundreds of thousands of marketers that are making incredible amounts of money. This income coming from MLM marketing has allowed many independent distributors to have a continuous flow of money.

The MLM industry has exploded online because more people than ever before can safely shop online and get products from the independent distributors.

The network marketing home business model has begun to attract many individuals into becoming distributors because they are their own bosses and all work can be done from the computer. This allows a great sense of independence. One of the main advantages of online marketing is that marketers can really target those who are interested in the company and those who will take business opportunities.

Internet marketing techniques allow the network marketing home business owner to get targeted traffic that is interested in the product and the opportunity. No longer do you have to cold call prospects from lead sheets that are old and recycled. Online, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people to market all over the world, 24/7, without ever having to even leave your house!

Another advantage concerning the network marketing home business is that the business really is a network of other people you are constantly working with online. You can sponsor hundreds of others in your downline and are able to stay in touch with everyone over the Internet. You can have daily, weekly meetings with your company and downline to insure that everyone is updated and on the same page with campaigns, etc.

A new entrant who has become a distributor under you can be taught the marketing techniques by examples of other people’s success and marketing methods employed. The tools and methods are simple enough to learn. It will just be a matter of few days till your downline distributor starts generating his or her targeted traffic.

The advantages of the network marketing home business has never been more appealing than it is right now. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that just keeps soaring.

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Using MLM Systems the Right Way

Signing up for an MLM Opportunity can be exciting. The mind swirls with the idea of a large residual income and the ability to do as you please. Once this initial fantasy subsides you have some very important matters to consider.

Since the MLM business is built upon the idea of duplication, you must think about how you will recruit new distributors. A smart MLmer will also develop a means to sell the MLM company's primary product. Most MLMer's overlook the idea of product sales, but many huge organizations have been built on product sales systems alone.

Let’s look at a simple example. Would you rather have 1000 distributors purchasing $100 a month in product or 300 distributors selling $700 a month in product? Since MLM commissions are based on volume and the 1st group’s volume is $100,000 and the 2nd group’s volume is $210,000, who made the most money? It is obvious that the 2nd group was more profitable. Don’t neglect product sales systems if you can find them.

What you want to find starting out in the MLM business is a duplicatable system anyone can use. This may take the form of lead capture pages, autoresponders and the messages preloaded in them, and if possible, a reliable source of good leads. Hopefully you can get all these “tools” from your upline, since company created material is not the best available for you.        Consider using a funded proposal system where you make upfront money and backend your primary MLM Business.

Using a system to promote your MLM business is not all that new. These are available from the larger companies and uplines. How you use the system is what will make YOU stand apart from the crowd of the 1000’s of moneymaking offers available.

Let me give you an example of what one MLMer does to make over $1,000,000 a year. He uses the systems available; but he calls them and mails a postcard to his prospects. He only calls when he knows the prospect won’t be home and just leaves a generic message on their answering service introducing himself and his company. He signs up more people than you can imagine! He stands out because he uses 3 different ways to contact prospects: the Internet (using a lead capture page along with many followup autoresponder messages), the telephone and snail mail.

Since most people are ONLY using the Internet these days, why not consider standing out from the crowd yourself. Also use postcards and the telephone answering machine method. Teach your downline to do what you do, and you will see your downline grow tremendously.

Duplicatable systems can be rather “cold” and impersonal. It is adding the personal touch to any system which will make you a success.

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Information for Starting a Home Based Business


Starting a home based business is a dream that many people share and numerous businesses have evolved from this dream creating a thriving cottage industry. Starting a home business can be a challenge but having relevant information, a definite plan in place and following basic business rules will help start you off in the right direction. The success of starting a home business depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to provide.


Benefits of Starting a Home Based Business


Having the freedom of managing your own time and being the boss of your own company is a prime reason people are starting a home business. For some, starting a home business is the main source of generating income while for others it can provide a second income. Not only do you have the benefit of time management, depending on the type of business you have, you can save money on gas, clothes, food, car repair and in some cases, day care for children. Punching a time clock, sitting in traffic and long commute times will be a thing of the past allowing more quality time with family and friends.


Things Needed Before Starting a Home Based Business


Do your research before starting a home business. Everyone has an idea but is it a good business idea and one that is needed in your area. You will need a business plan to follow and if you require start-up funding, a lender will want to see a plan. The basic items needed for starting a home business include a quiet work area in your home that is equipped with a computer and appropriate software for business use only, dedicated phone line, fax and copy machine, business software to keep track of bookkeeping, payroll software if you have employees, a separate business account for account payables and receivables, business cards, contracts for customers if needed, a tax information package from the IRS, shipping cost information if needed and a gas mileage log if you will be driving for your business.


Things to Consider when Starting a Home Based Business


Before starting a home based business, check with the city and county where your home resides to find out if you can have a business operating out of your home and what type of license is required. For tax purposes, you will need business tax software unless you have an accountant do your quarterly/yearly taxes. You must file business taxes so be sure to keep all receipts. You will have to purchase your own medical insurance unless you’re covered by a spouse and you may need workers comp insurance if you have employees. You must be a well organized and disciplined person in order to succeed at starting a home based business. Treat your home business as though you were in an office. Have a start time, dress comfortably, let your friends and family know you’re “at work” and don’t allow unnecessary distractions or interruptions to prevent you from doing a good job.


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Join Success University Program for money & improvement

Want to make money and at the same time develop yourself as a better person? Maybe Success University is the answer. Success University is a very successful MLM program with over 100,000 members worldwide. It is currently the most visitedSelf-Development website right now. Other popular websites like Zig Ziglar’s aren’t even matching that!

Let’s give a short review on Success University and you can make a decision about joining us after reading this article.

Review Success Unversity

Top quality training materials has been the standard for Success University and this is their core offer. There are many experts plus invited gurus who shares some of their secrets of their expertise. The materials are top-notch, current and you can access them in various audio format like WMV and MP3. Everything is well-organized in their groups so that you know what you are looking for at just a glance.

Success University is also a MLM program that pays you for building your downline. Many top earners of Success University are earning at least $10,000 per month. This represents a dream income for many people. The good news is that with just 6 people as your downline, you will be in profit! This is much easier than many other programs that requires you to recruit tons of people.

Success University gives very affordable membership rates. Can you believe that it’s less than $50 per month? It is already pretty cheap when you compare with other Network Marketing programs.

The benefits of Success University is not only monetary, but a person can gain wisdom and knowledge which will improve his or her life. An enriched life is better than money. Need to be a better boss? Want to have a positive mindset? Now, join Success University and realize your goals.

I personally learn how to become a skilled negotiator, a learned man and a approachable person. Any professional and even student will benefit from Success University .

So check out Success University today, give it a try. May success be with you.


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Reduce Your Cholesterol and Make Some Money

Omega 3/6 Balance

Omegas not only are required but also give you life. Without your omegas you may have all sorts of problems that you didn’t know were related to their lack. Mila/Lifemax is full of Omega 3 fatty acids, fibre, antioxidants, phytonutrients and there is no other Salvia grain that comes even close. It isn’t genetically modified and is totally pesticide-free. University based double blind studies are proving its effectiveness against standard cholesterol reducing drugs.

Mila is free of glutens, trans fatty acids etc…Fiber and protein contents are high and as it has no smell or taste it can be incorporated into your favourite recipes! The baking process maintains its biological edge making it easier to use it in your favourite foods.

Mila™ is a mixture of Salvia hispanica L. seeds which have been carefully selected to maximize their nutritional value. The mixture is mechanically processed using a proprietary system that optimizes the bioavailability and increases its nutritional value retaining the essential oils that the grain contains. There are no additives – it is a pure form of Salvia hispanica L. and is without doubt the best you can get right now.

Lifemax is built on the solid foundation of our amazing product – Mila™. Everyone needs what Mila™ contains, and the only place the world can get it is through our network of Independent Distributors which you can join here. From this simple yet powerful premise we have built a company that will allow people from all walks of life to impact their physical and financial wellbeing.

The Lifemax approach is to help one person at a time to set their health and wellbeing goals and then reach them quickly. Why you want to do this business is a question you need to answer. We understand the customers because the health benefits of Mila™ are huge. Starting a business from scratch requires motivation and lots of it and staying power. However the system in the end is simple.

Our business lets anyone participate in this growing area. The global distribution channels, e-commerce opportunities and internet are the pillars of the business model. The Lifemax opportunity is a business that gives you a stunning product that no one else in the world is selling through network marketing. The person to thank is Dr. Wayne Coates, who has rediscovered and nurtured  this ancient grain, and he goes to great lengths to ensure that this is the best Salvia in the World. This means that we have a product the World wants and needs and the only delivery system is you!

How people usually get their Omegas is through fish oils and flax. Lifemax gives you great advantages. Your breath won’t smell like with fish oils and there is no international worry, such as that of Flax Seeds in Germany where they are banned, as this is simply a food, it isn’t a supplement. Lifemax is from a sustainable source too, unlike fish oils currently.


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Your Network Marketing Business: 5 Qualities You Must Possess

Since the economy has grown worse, more entrepreneural-minded people these days are looking at the opportunities in one of the fastest growing businesses around – the business of Network Marketing. In Network Marketing, there are no bosses, deadlines to meet, or piles of work that have to be finished by the end of the day.  In order to be successful, you only need the necessary tools. I teach my students these skills at my website.


One of the things that I coach my students about is that there are five main things you can’t do without if you want to make it in the business of Network Marketing. These five qualities are what you’ll need.


1. Desire to learn: The first characteristic that you must possess is a burning desire to learn this business,, coupled with the willingness to be trained.  Treading through unfamiliar territory is tough indeed, especially if you lack training. This is a combination of the right frame of mind, coupled with a strong work ethic. When starting out, it’s important to find mentors that you can learn from,, using the experience of others to learn more as you go.  Perhaps you’re interested in being mentored.  If you are, then visit my website.


2.  Invest time and effort: The second characteristic you have to have is the willingness to put in the effort and time to help your internet marketing business grow and flourish, even if the results aren’t instantaneous.  Be prepared for weeks might go by without any good news, so it’s important that you’re prepared for that and you hang in there.


3.  Determination:  The third characteristic you’ll need is determination.  If you want to be successful in Internet Marketing, you must possess to push yourself forward.  The abilith to push yourself to greater heights will create your future.


4.  Self-discipline: The fourth characteristic is self-discipline.  Teach yourself to put everything you’ve got into your work and you’ll be that much closer to reaching your goals and making your dreams come true.


5.  Hope: The last characteristic you must have is hope.  A positive attitude will allow you to pursue your dream and make a better life for yourself and your family.


Your attitude should always be positive, because you’ll be the one who makes or breaks your destiny.  


If you follow the above 5 tips, you’ll go farther than you ever thought possible in the world of Network Marketing.  You’ll need these qualities to succeed, as Internet Marketing can be a cutting edge career.  If you possess those 5 qualities, you’ll be very successful.  If you’re interested in learning about network marketing, then come to my website


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