Small business consulting guaranteed to produce the results you want or we’ll give you your money back!

Are you a small business owner with a big problem to solve who can’t afford wasting money on over-priced, ineffective consultants?

Would your business benefit from the experience of an expert who has "been there" & "done that"?

Have you always wanted to have a business mentor who could spark new ideas or even kick you in the pants when you needed it?

Read on…

Dear Friend,

I’m going to break a cardinal rule of consulting, and I’m going to do it first thing in my message to you. The cardinal rule for consultants is to never guarantee anything. But we give you a 100% money back guarantee on the money you spend on consulting with us.


100% Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with our service in any way, we will return your money any time within 30 days after payment, no questions asked.

30 day money back guarantee


There is a simple reason that no other consultants will offer you a money back guarantee – results. In consulting, the consultant doesn’t really provide you anything except advice… then YOU do the work.

Most consultants feel like they shouldn’t be on the hook because failure or success depends upon you and your execution of their advice – or non-execution as it would be.

They aren’t confident enough that their advice is valuable enough to guarantee it.

We are different. As a long time entrepreneur and business owner I believe in paying for results.

If you are a business person, I’ll bet you are a lot like me. You want results as well.

And you don’t mind paying for them.

We believe so strongly that our consulting will provide RESULTS that we are not hesitant in the least to offer our guarantee.


If you are a business owner –

You are faced with a mountain of challenges on a daily basis. How you respond to these challenges can make the difference between incredible success or abject failure.

I started my first ‘official’ business with employees, building, equipment and everything in 1982, when I was only 24. Since that time I have started, grown and sold a variety of businesses across a broad spectrum.

You can take advantage of my experience by not making the same mistakes that I had to learn the hard way [another cardinal rule I'll gladly break -- most consultants will NEVER admit that they have EVER made a mistake.]

Areas where we can help you:


Recruiting, hiring, & retention


Website development & implementation


Email and online marketing


Strategic business planning


Technology infrastructure evaluation, planning, & implementation


If you are a Internet marketer -

You may be successful already or you may be looking for a ‘fresh’ set of eyes to look at your project.

You might need someone who can prevent you from making mistakes that could cost you weeks or even months of time to diagnose on your own.

Make thousands & thousands of dollars more each month by using us to:


Evaluate your website project – sales letters, autoresponders, offers, etc.


Perform SEO audits or implement SEO campaigns


Create customer-grabbing video to add to your site


Drastically reduce your pay-per-click investment


Leverage your pre-existing content into NEW revenue streams


If you are a recruiter or search firm owner –

Since 2001, I have a proven track record of building business for the largest recruiting company in the world, for my own company, and for others in a consulting & training role.

With Management Recruiters International [world's largest recruiting company] I built the largest and most successful restaurant focused recruiting practice in company history.

With my own company, CEC Search, I have supplied top executive talent to some of the largest restaurant companies in the world. Companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, YUM Brands, Cracker Barrel, Brinker (Chili’s), and others for years.

As a trainer/consultant I have helped offices grow their own practices effectively doubling revenues and headcount.

Areas where we can help:


Evaluate your training process


Improve your tracking & measuring methodologies


Implement superior marketing campaigns


Integrate your online presence into your back-end recruiting software


Technology infrastructure evaluation, planning, & implementation


If you need or are building any kind of website –

We’ve built, maintained, or improved high-performance websites for an extremely diverse set of clients – from recruiting, to consulting, to website development, to relationship coaches, to home-based businesses.

Areas where we can help you:


Choose the right platform for development and maintenance


Find the right company for website development, hosting, and SEO


Create email and online marketing


Make your website accomplish multiple business goals


Keep from getting ripped off by ‘hucksters’


If you are looking for a mentor -

Sometimes a business owner needs someone outside his usual circle of associates who can provide objective advice.

You can keep from wasting time & money if you have an experienced & objective ‘outsider’ who can give you advice without an agenda.

Areas where we can provide invaluable input:


Recruiting, hiring, & retention


New business line & product launches


Email and online marketing


Selling or buying a business


Technology infrastructure evaluation, planning, & implementation


Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at what people say about us.

In Peggy’s own words!

I’ve known Carl for two and a half years and in that time he has impacted my business more than any other person that I’ve worked with in the 10 years that I’ve owned PHC Consulting.

Carl get’s it. He listens, he understands, he’s creative, he has solutions. Carl drives business and profits. He is the person who has helped me take my business to the next level. If you are interested in results, I highly recommend that you give him a call.

Peggy McKee
Founder – PHC Consulting


In Erin’s own words!


Within a month Carl had my site launched and up and running and looking gorgeous. He has doubled my site visits at least, and my sales have DOUBLED.

It is incredible what working with Carl has done for my business — not only is he an expert in SEO and web development, but he is a fabulous small business consultant. He has great ideas that have launched my business to where I’ve always wanted it to be.

It has been only two months and my business has exceeded my goals for the next two years, and it’s all thanks to Carl.

Erin Kennedy, CPRW CERW
Founder – Professional Resume Services


I’ve known Carl since the summer of 1976 when we both entered the United States Naval Academy. In today’s work environment, and in fact in the broader context of society, it is unusual to find someone who is reliable, effective, successful, and is also someone you would want to work with. Carl is one of these unusual people, in the very best sense of the word.

I would trust Carl with my life – and have. Carl is extremely knowledgeable about many different topics, can quickly and effectively translate plans into actions, has a successful track record, is always upbeat and positive and subsequently has a positive affect on customers. I would unhesitatingly recommend Carl for any job or situation where these characteristics are valued, and given the opportunity, would very much enjoy working with him again.

Robert Huffman
Capt. USNR Retired


Carl did a great job managing a complex product development and migration cycle with an extremely lean staff and inadequate resourcing from the corporate parent.

His outstanding leadership was a key factor in maintaining high staff morale and performance under tight delivery and testing time lines, providing a superior product at the lowest possible development cost

Jay Boyd
General Manager, UTA Business Systems


Carl is an extremely intelligent and resourceful individual. He has the rare skill of being able to envision and launch a profitable new business concept in a variety of settings.

He does this by staying focused on his customer’s needs, treating his associates fairly and working very hard to achieve A+ results. Carl is the kind of guy I like to work with.

Jack Miller
Founder, N2Broadband



I’ve known Carl for many years from a recruiting standpoint, but only began working with him in an IT capacity a little over a year ago. Carl has deep domain knowledge on every aspect of IT. Not only did he build our website, but he also used his years of SEO experience to increase our traffic.

He understands the value of showing clients a clear return on investment when it comes to IT spending. Not only did he create and have my site up in very little time, but his customer service is unparalleled. We can be a bit of an annoying customer with requests for a change here and a tweak there, but Carl never bats an eye. Within about a day, he has completed my revision exactly as requested.

These days, it seems that almost anyone we do business with has forgotten the basics about customer service. I’m glad to say that at least one of the companies we do business with treats us as if they’d like to keep our business.

Nancy Grimes
Founder & Owner – Grimes Legal


In Dax’s own words!

I’ve worked with Carl Chapman in many different capacities over the past 7 years, and I have found Carl to be one of the most ethical and reliable individuals that I have ever worked with.

He always delivers on what he commits to and his quality of work is second to none. I highly recommend Carl to anyone who is looking for a true business partner.

Dax Kiefer
National Accounts Manager, Lexis Nexis


In Julie’s own words!

I want to testify wholeheartedly to the fact that Carl Chapman really knows his stuff. Since Carl put together my fantastic website and zapped it with his "SEO magic," I have had more inquiries for my services in the past month than I had in the PAST YEAR using other forms of advertising.

While the economy has steadily gotten worse, my business is enjoying steady GROWTH. I don’t know about you, but, to me, that is pretty darn close to MIRACULOUS.

Julie Chapman
Owner, Piano Lessons with Julie


In Cindy’s own words!

Carl and I have had a business relationship where we trust each other and we try to help each other.

I have no hesitations referring Carl to any company. He is someone that I could partner with. As a recruiter you can not say that too many times.

Cindy Cannon
Partner – Growth Management Group &


In Blake’s own words!

I’ve looked at the work that Carl does in taking specific search terms and moving webistes to the top of the search engine results for those terms. The results are REAL and I am convinced that this is the best money that you could spend on your Internet presence.

If your site is set up to convert, you will get traffic and you will see results. Carl Chapman WILL make a great deal of money for your business. His service is the best deal of any thing I’ve seen out there.

Blake Ratcliff
Managing Parnter Retrun Property Management


In Susan’s own words!

I reached out to Carl for assistance with a business venture.

Carl is a consummate professional who offers a great deal of knowledge in the areas of Restaurant and Recruitment.

He is courteous, responsive and has excellent follow up. If you are in the market to gain additional insight and ideas, Carl is a great person to connect with!

Susan Rheem
Atlanta Business Professional



In the field of executive recruiters you might find an equal to Carl Chapman, but you won’t find anyone better!

Carl can handle the toughest of assignments with grace and aplomb. There are but handful or recruiters I would recommend and Carl is at the top of my list.

Joe Caruso
Chief Development Officer – Kiddie Academy

How much does it cost?

At this point, you are probably wondering how much you would have to pay to hire a consultant with this kind of experience.

If you have any experience with consultants at all, you know that they all sign you up for an engagement that is weeks or months in length.

They all break down your project into various phases with much more time being devoted to study & evaluation than implementation.

Most of them get their final payment before there has been any implementation at all.

With most consultants your company could well end up spending THOUSANDS and getting nothing.

With our service you will pay by the hour. One single hour long, private phone consultation is often all you will need to spend in order to solve your burning issue.

For the fee of $350 per hour – money back guaranteed your session will focus on ACTION steps that you can take to produce winning results

Our interest isn’t in creating a long engagement of endless non-productive planning, outlining, and measuring programs when all you need is some simple, albeit sage & easy to follow, advice.

We want you to get into action, and produce results.

If necessary, for bigger projects that require them, longer engagements are available with a negotiated reduction in rate.

What should you do next? TAKE ACTION

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I look forward to working with you. See you at the top.

Best regards,

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Carl Chapman, founder

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PPS – Don’t forget to at least take advantage of our special limited offer for a blow-out special SEO audit.