Easily DOUBLE your top salesperson’s production without working any harder — with our ‘turn-key’ service.

In fact, this service should more than double the sales of every salesperson on your staff.

Plus it won’t require you to learn anything new, or to change the way you do business — your business processes stay in place.

Sound like something you might be interested in?

Read on…

Dear Website Owner,

Let me start out with a bold statement which you should take as a warning:

warning sign

If you aren’t ready for a HUGE increase in business, if you aren’t prepared to hire new people, if you don’t have enough people to service the DOUBLING of your current customer base — DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER.

If you are still reading, GREAT… I’m glad that you are here and have enough gumption to contemplate DOUBLING your current business and hiring more people. That is what our country and economy needs — small & medium sized businesses hiring more people and best of all growing in sales.

Since you have established that you have guts and that you can handle investing in your business, let me give you just one more warning:

warning sign

If you are not ready to invest in the implementation of this secret, if you don’t believe that INVESTMENT (as opposed to s-p-e-n-d-i-n-g) is REQUIRED for growth and is smart, then STOP READING RIGHT NOW.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. And in order to implement the secret on your behalf, we are going to ask you to spend money with us. Our service is not FREE, but it does pay for itself and then some… in fact, what we charge is just a little more than a dinner for four at a really good restaurant.

OK, now let’s get to the meat, since all the warnings are over.

You need to know about a couple of concepts that ALL successful online business people understand:


Your website is the top salesperson in your company


If your website isn’t on the first page of Google, you might as well not have one

If you don’t believe me on point number one, then you need to go to the website development page and READ carefully.

If you don’t understand point number two, then maybe you should go to the Websites That Drive Sales main page, and join up. We’ll send you a 46 page report that tells you all about SEO in laymen’s terms.

You should keep reading…

We are in the midst of a change… a HUGE change in the way that businesses and people find other businesses to work with and to do business with. We have been experiencing that change for quite some time. Perhaps you haven’t yet noticed, perhaps you have. Think about some things for a second for me —

question mark

What did you do the last time you wanted to find out the answer to a question?

question mark

When was the last time that you used a phone book?

question mark

What did you do the last time that you wanted to find a restaurant or flower store?

question mark

What did you do when you wanted to find any other kind of business?

I’m willing to bet that you Google-d it.

In fact Google is such a pervasive force in our culture, the term ‘google’ is now listed as a verb in the dictionary:

If you aren’t using Google to find businesses, to replace your phonebook & yellow pages, to get directions to places, or to find the answers to questions… then you are out of the loop.

But I have worse news for you… whether you do or not makes no difference.

Your Customers Use Google!

And what that means to you is that your business is losing out because your customers are using a tool that you don’t understand.

Even if you do use Google and are familiar with how much easier it makes your life, you probably don’t have the skills you need to make Google work for you.

That is where we come in. We are experts at getting our clients listed on the first page of Google’s [and other search engines] search results.

If you put yourself through the exercise of thinking about all the times you use Google, then you understand that it is ‘the way’ that people find information nowadays.

Why is being #1 on Google so valuable?

Google is by far the most popular search engine on the Internet. It is used hundreds of millions of times per month by people looking for information on the web.

When someone does a search using Google, they are presented with the results on multiple pages. Being on the first page guarantees that you will be seen by more people than being on the second page.

And being listed #1 on the first page of Google in the organic listings (click here to see how the Google page listings are laid out) guarantees that you will be seen by more people than any other site.

However, there is something much more valuable than just being seen more than than any other page… and that is being clicked on.

The first three organic listings in a Google search result (click here to see what we mean) account for more than 65% or all the clicks generated by a search.

The rest of the first page organic results account for 25% of the search results… and the paid / sponsored links along with the rest of the pages of organic search results make up the 10% that is left.

This means that the top three searches are more than 6 times as likely to be clicked as any of the other links on the first page. [Disclaimer, I'm no statistician, but I think simple math will bear out my claim is pretty darned close.]

Top 3 Listings Clicked 6 Times More

And the first three listings on Google’s search results are more than 6 times as likely to be clicked on than all the rest of the search results combined… even if there are a million results!

Some of you might be asking right now "What about the sponsored links?" or "What about Pay-Per-Click?"

Well I must disagree. Aside from the onerous facts of life about pay per click (click fraud perpetrated by ‘click-centers’ in India comes to mind) people just don’t click on those links as much.

The reason they don’t click on them as much, is because people know that those results are trying to sell them. The people don’t want to be accosted by used-car salesman-like hucksters.

People would rather choose to browse at their own pace, and then make a buying decision on their own.

So when people search, they are many, many more times likely to click on the organic listings than the sponsored links.

There is another benefit for you to NOT use PPC – organic listings are free, so you save money.

Guaranteed #1 on Google in 24 Hours!

There are plenty of companies who advertise SEO consulting and search engine optimization. Many of them claim to be able to get your site ranked on the top of Google, Yahoo, and MSN / Live Search.

Some of these companies make some pretty incredible statements about being able to get your site ranked #1 on Google within 24 to 48 hours. Bulls…. er I mean poppycock!

No reputable, honest SEO consultant would make a claim about being able to get your site, or any website ranked #1 on Google within 24 hours — unless he was trying to rip you off.

Google indexes BILLIONS of web pages and the first page of Google’s search results is reserved for the 10 web pages that rank the highest out of all those pages for certain keywords, the words that the person typed in the search box.

Now if a company wanted to guarantee #1 ranking on Google, they could just use a keyword that no other web page in all the world was using, and bam – instant #1 on Google.

In fact I did this myself on a bet with another "so-called" SEO expert… and I won.

BUT choosing a search term like "whifflepoof shuttlecocks" or "concrete scuba tanks" won’t help your business.

These terms are meaningless in terms of bringing traffic that will help you make sales — unless you sell concrete scuba tanks..LOL.

What you need is an SEO consulting firm that will:

green arrow

Research what your competition is doing

green arrow

Find out what keywords will drive VALUABLE traffic to your site

green arrow

Analyze your site for problems and give corrective directions

green arrow

Implement on page search optimization

green arrow

Direct your off page SEO campaign

green arrow

Measure and report on the SEO program results

That is exactly what we do. And we do it with a spirit of partnership. We want your business to succeed — WILDLY!

We want you to tell everyone you know (well maybe not your competition) about what a great job we are doing for you and the AMAZING results we’ve helped you achieve.

Special Limited Offer

Perhaps you aren’t sure whether your site is all that bad right now. Perhaps you aren’t sure that you need a full-blown search engine optimization program. That’s OK.

For a limited time and a limited number of people we will conduct a pretty exhaustive SEO audit on your site. We call it our blow-out audit special.

It’s a loss leader. It costs us LOTS of time (which as you know equals money) to produce. If you could assemble all the tools and knowledge and insight that it takes to do the audit and present the results it would cost you thousands.

It takes literally hours to put all this information together for you… and at our rates (we charge $350 per hour for SEO and small business consulting) that makes this one report a value of more than $1000.

Why would we sell a report that is worth $1000 — a report that tells you almost everything you need to know about your website — for so little? Easy answer -

We Want Your Business!

We know that if you see that we have serious knowledge about SEO and that we are serious about helping you, that you will feel confident in our services.

If you’d like to see an example of one of our blow out special audits – click here to see an example of the report (use the password "demo-report" without the quotes)

You will see an example audit which was actually done on a client site.

Don’t expect anywhere near the same kind of results when we do an audit of your site.

In fact, if you get results that are as good as what you see in the example, you don’t need our services — your website is rockin’.

So, if you’d like to find out how well your website is put together and how it stacks up against your competition click the Buy Now button.

You will be charged $47 and can pay by credit card or Pay Pal if you like.

Remember this report alone is worth over $1000 and we are practically GIVING it away for only $47

Make sure you enter your website address accurately because that is the site on which we will do the audit.

We will build your report and send your the access credentials within two business days.

Hurry, this offer may not last!

You are probably thinking that we are exaggerating about this being a limited time offer.

You would be wrong. Here is why the offer may not last — we are advertising this service to a very limited number of potential clients.

This blow-out special SEO audit is designed to get us clients that use our full SEO consulting services.

Once we reach capacity, there won’t be any need to provide the loss leader audit report.

We lose money on every report we do, so we want to stop this promotion as soon as possible.

You may have been lucky enough to reach this page on our site before we officially have launched our products and services.

If that is the case, you have an advantage over others — don’t squander it.

Click on the pay now button to get your blow-out special SEO audit before we stop offering them.

Seo Audit Report

Enter your website URL (carefully)

$97 $47

credit cards

Maybe you already know that your website is a mess, and you don’t need to take advantage of our blow-out special audit.

Maybe you are one of the very few lucky businesses whose website is already performing well and ranked #1 on Google for all the important keyword terms for your business.


Not #1 on Google, You NEED Us

We won’t ask you to sign up for our service, or even give us a deposit.

We want you to take the next few minutes to prove something to yourself about our SEO services.

It won’t take you long and it is very important. In fact it is a test that you can apply to ANY SEO firm to see if they are worth a darn.

If they don’t measure up don’t hire them.

If we don’t measure up, don’t hire us.

That’s right, if we don’t measure up, we don’t want you to hire us.

And this isn’t a test where we stack the deck.

We aren’t in control of the test, you are – it’s all on your computer.

You are going to see the results, not us. In fact we don’t have any idea what you are going to see…

We have no way of knowing what the results that come up on your screen will be.

But we are so confident in our search engine optimization skills that we will rest the fate of our entire business on the results.

We think you will see how much sense this test makes and we think you will hire us when you are finished.

Simple Test — Are We The REAL Deal?

Here is a list of a few of our clients and what business they are in.

Company Name

Web Address

Description of Business

PHC Consulting www.phcconsulting.com Recruiting search firm that places candidates in medical sales jobs, clinical laboratory jobs, biotech sales jobs. Provides recruiting services for companies in the medical sales and life sciences industry.

CEC Search www.cecsearch.com Recruiting search firm that places candidates in restaurant management jobs, casual theme restaurant jobs, QSR restaurant jobs. Executive search firm that provides recruiting services in the restaurant industry.

Piano Lessons with Julie www.johnscreekpianolessons.com A local business in a north Atlanta suburb called Johns Creek that provides piano lessons to kids of all ages. The suburb is near Alpharetta, Duluth, and Forsyth. She teaches piano and gives instruction in keyboards.

Here are the directions for the test:

1.) Open up your browser and go to Google. Then I want you to do some searches.

2.) Take any of the businesses I’ve listed… and put together any kind of search phrase that you would use to find that kind of business using Google.

3.) Put those search phrases into Google and look at the listings on the first page.

4.) Check the first page listings, especially the top three spots against the websites of our clients.

If you don’t find us there, then you should leave this site and never come back.

But if you find our clients at the top, then you should believe us when we say we can get you to the top of Google.

Do the test now, we’ll wait…

Imagine now that you are listening to the Final Jeopardy question theme music…

We’ll still wait…


Good, you’re still here. You’ve found out that we are the real deal.

And you are ready to start getting those kinds of results for your own website.

Well, we won’t take you as a customer, not yet.

We don’t want you to sign up for our services yet… not until you have read the customer feedback we have listed below.

Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at what people say about us.

In Peggy’s own words!

I easily have 40 times the traffic that my old site used to get and that extra traffic has created quite an increase in business. So much so that I’ve had to hire 4 new recruiters, and I’m looking for 2 more.

If anyone asks me, I tell them Carl’s SEO consulting is my secret weapon. Then I tell them, if they aren’t ready for lots of new business, they shouldn’t call you.

Peggy McKee
Founder – PHC Consulting


In Erin’s own words!


Within a month Carl had my site launched and up and running and looking gorgeous. He has doubled my site visits at least, and my sales have DOUBLED.

It is incredible what working with Carl has done for my business — not only is he an expert in SEO and web development, but he is a fabulous small business consultant. He has great ideas that have launched my business to where I’ve always wanted it to be.

It has been only two months and my business has exceeded my goals for the next two years, and it’s all thanks to Carl.

Erin Kennedy, CPRW CERW
Founder – Professional Resume Services


In Blake’s own words!

I’ve looked at the work that Carl does in taking specific search terms and moving webistes to the top of the search engine results for those terms. The results are REAL and I am convinced that this is the best money that you could spend on your Internet presence.

If your site is set up to convert, you will get traffic and you will see results. Carl Chapman WILL make a great deal of money for your business. His service is the best deal of any thing I’ve seen out there.

Blake Ratcliff
Managing Parnter Retrun Property Management


I’ve known Carl since the summer of 1976 when we both entered the United States Naval Academy. In today’s work environment, and in fact in the broader context of society, it is unusual to find someone who is reliable, effective, successful, and is also someone you would want to work with. Carl is one of these unusual people, in the very best sense of the word.

I would trust Carl with my life – and have. Carl is extremely knowledgeable about many different topics, can quickly and effectively translate plans into actions, has a successful track record, is always upbeat and positive and subsequently has a positive affect on customers. I would unhesitatingly recommend Carl for any job or situation where these characteristics are valued, and given the opportunity, would very much enjoy working with him again.

Robert Huffman
Capt. USNR Retired


Carl did a great job managing a complex product development and migration cycle with an extremely lean staff and inadequate resourcing from the corporate parent.

His outstanding leadership was a key factor in maintaining high staff morale and performance under tight delivery and testing time lines, providing a superior product at the lowest possible development cost

Jay Boyd
General Manager, UTA Business Systems



I’ve known Carl for many years from a recruiting standpoint, but only began working with him in an IT capacity a little over a year ago. Carl has deep domain knowledge on every aspect of IT. Not only did he build our website, but he also used his years of SEO experience to increase our traffic.

He understands the value of showing clients a clear return on investment when it comes to IT spending. Not only did he create and have my site up in very little time, but his customer service is unparalleled. We can be a bit of an annoying customer with requests for a change here and a tweak there, but Carl never bats an eye. Within about a day, he has completed my revision exactly as requested.

These days, it seems that almost anyone we do business with has forgotten the basics about customer service. I’m glad to say that at least one of the companies we do business with treats us as if they’d like to keep our business.

Nancy Grimes
Founder & Owner – Grimes Legal


Carl is an extremely intelligent and resourceful individual. He has the rare skill of being able to envision and launch a profitable new business concept in a variety of settings.

He does this by staying focused on his customer’s needs, treating his associates fairly and working very hard to achieve A+ results. Carl is the kind of guy I like to work with.

Jack Miller
Founder, N2 Broadband


In Julie’s own words!

I want to testify wholeheartedly to the fact that Carl Chapman really knows his stuff. Since Carl put together my fantastic website and zapped it with his "SEO magic," I have had more inquiries for my services in the past month than I had in the PAST YEAR using other forms of advertising.

While the economy has steadily gotten worse, my business is enjoying steady GROWTH. I don’t know about you, but, to me, that is pretty darn close to MIRACULOUS.

Julie Chapman
Owner, Piano Lessons with Julie


In Cindy’s own words!

Carl and I have had a business relationship where we trust each other and we try to help each other.

I have no hesitations referring Carl to any company. He is someone that I could partner with. As a recruiter you can not say that too many times.

Cindy Cannon
Partner – Growth Management Group
www.gmgweb.com & www.fcrwebsite.com


In Dax’s own words!

I’ve worked with Carl Chapman in many different capacities over the past 7 years, and I have found Carl to be one of the most ethical and reliable individuals that I have ever worked with.

He always delivers on what he commits to and his quality of work is second to none. I highly recommend Carl to anyone who is looking for a true business partner.

Dax Kiefer
National Accounts Manager, Lexis Nexis


Ready to get started?

Good, you’ve made a great decision. You’ve decided that your website needs to be on the front page of Google.

You realize that being on the front page of Google will make your online website much more productive.

You realize that your website, when listed on Google can more than double the sales results you are currently achieving.

Imagine what you can do with all that extra money. Travel, vacations, a second home…

Maybe college educations for your children, maybe early retirement.

Perhaps you run a business that is a bit larger… maybe the extra sales generated by your website can help your business grow to the next level.

Maybe you can give your employees raises, provide them better benefits, or provide better retirement.

It’s up to you what you do with all the extra money.

How Much Does It Cost?

Depends. We really can’t tell you how much it will cost because we don’t know what your goals are.

We have full-fledged SEO programs that are extremely comprehensive in nature. Those can cost upwards of $150,000 for the first year.

We have programs that cost as little as $250 per month.

Our most recommended program is the Gold program and it will produce results that you will be really pleased about. Results like those that you just observed. Results that will double your business.

A program like that usually runs about $1000 per month.

What do you do next? TAKE ACTION

Fill out the form below so we can contact you about preparing a quote for a custom SEO program for your website.

I Need Help with my SEO

We hate spam as much as you do.  We never share your information with anyone.  We comply with all regulations regarding email communications.  We value your privacy.

We hope that you will contact us about creating an SEO campaign that will drive your business to new heights.

I look forward to working with you. See you at the top.

Best regards,

Carl's signature
Carl Chapman, founder

PS – If you haven’t already done it, you really should read about our website development services.

PPS – Don’t forget to at least take advantage of our special limited offer for a blow-out special SEO audit.